Women Empowerment Project

Namasté Foundation

Namasté Foundation invests in trainings and loans for women in Nepal. This gives them the chance to build a future for themselves.

Having worked for Namasté Foundation for five years now, I became experienced in project management, setting up and writing impact measurements, marketing and communication. Here I showcase the biggest accomplishments.

Project management in an international setting

No project can succeed without a strong team. Through a joint effort of both Namasté Foundation and Namasté Community Foundation, we managed to set up the Women Empowerment Project and offer 150+ women a chance to change their lives.

Team members on Women Empowerment Project: Hilde Bleijswijk, Visma Paudel, Man Singh Chaudhary, Alisha Mala, Utsav Gurung, 

A professional website that activates potential donors

I did a complete overhaul of the Namasté Foundation brand and website, making it more appealing and professional. In order to receive donations, the process needs to be effortless and the website ought to feel trustworthy.

Team members: Teun Westenenk

Impact measurement to know what ought to change

Many participants of the Women Empowerment Project are able to create a significant change in their livelihood. By measuring these changes both quantitively and qualitatively, and turning them into a report, Namasté Foundation gained knowledge on the impact of the project. Knowing what the impact of a project is, is valuable information, for it gives insight on what ought to change to make the project more efficient and effective.

Team members: Hilde Bleijswijk

Appealing communication on all platforms

I chose to communicate to the Namasté Foundation audience in a style that speaks to the heart. The big, bright and positive photography is in sync with the core values of Namasté Foundation, being all about optimism and empowerment.

Team members on video: Hilde Bleijswijk, Marrit Bausch, Alec Todd, Maelle André

Memorable fundraising campaigns

There’s no better way to build a strong relationship with the supporters of a NGO than to have them become ambassadors. Through an activating campaign we had our biggest fans raise a substantial amount of money to invest in trainings and loans for women in Nepal.

Team members on campaign: Hilde Bleijswijk, Annemiek Tigchelaar

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